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The Municipality of Ayia Napa accepts applications for the filling of four vacant permanent positions of Assistant Secretaries (First Appointment Positions).

According to the Service Plan of the position, the salary scale, the duties, responsibilities and the required qualifications are as follows: Assistant Secretary: (Position of First Appointment)

1. Approved Salary Scale: A2: € 10858, 10950, 11042, 11134, 11226, 11371, 11667, 11963, 12259, 12555, 12851, 13157, 13584. A5: € 11773, 12265, 12757, 13309, 14020, 14731, 15442, 16153, 16864, 17575, 18286, 18997, 19708. A7 (II): € 16591, 17420, 18249, 19078, 19907, 20736, 21565, 22394, 23223, 24052, 24881, 25710, 26539.

2. Duties and responsibilities:

2.1 Performs general clerical and accounting duties anywhere in the municipal service.

2.2 Types and / or shorthand in Greek and English with speed and accuracy.

2.3 Undertakes the maintenance of a file and / or library, a register of assets as well as various other registers.

2.4 Assists and / or handles correspondence related to his / her duties.

2.5 Assists and / or undertakes the execution of work, inside and outside the office, related to the responsibilities and activities of the Municipality related to the duties of the position.

2.6 Assists and / or undertakes the execution of work related to the performance of civil weddings, cultural and social activities of the Municipality.

2.7 Uses technological and other office equipment to perform its duties.

2.8 Assists in conducting inspections and conducts on-site surveys where necessary.

2.9 Performs tasks and implements procedures regarding the maintenance of warehouse registers or other registers.

2.10 Collects, inside and outside the office, processes and classifies statistics and other data and information and prepares and reports and assists in the preparation of lists of rights, taxes, receipts, etc.

2.11 Makes receipts and payments and issues relevant receipts.

2.12 Performs the duties of special secretary.

2.13 Assists in keeping or keeps minutes of Municipal Committee meetings and other meetings and assists in the execution of decisions taken.

2.14 Depending on the needs of the Municipality, it records the indications of water meters and helps in the collection of fees.

2.15 Assistant Secretary Officer of salary scale A7 may be assigned the duties of responsible file.

2.16 Coastal Municipalities may also be assigned tasks related to beach inspection.

2.17 Contact the public and receive or provide information.

2.18 Performs any other related tasks assigned to him / her.

3. Required qualifications:

3.1 High school diploma of a recognized secondary school.

3.2 Very good knowledge of Greek and good knowledge of English.

3.3 Integrity of character, responsibility, initiative and discretion.

3.4 When the needs of the service require it candidates should have succeeded -

3.4.1 In the Intermediate examination in Accounting of the London Chamber of Commerce or in any other examination that has been approved as equivalent by the Minister of Finance, or

3.4.2 in aptitude tests conducted or recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture - in Greek and English typing, at least intermediate level, or at a speed of at least 35 words per minute in Greek and English typing and / or in Greek and English shorthand at a speed of at least 80 words per minute.

Notes on the duties and responsibilities and the required qualifications of the position:

Candidates must pass a written examination in accordance with the relevant legislation.

2. The appointees after the approval of this Service Plan must pass the examinations on the Law on Municipalities and the relevant Municipal Regulations and the Law on General Principles of Administrative Law within 2 years or 4 examination periods from their appointment. 705

3. Employees shall be promoted to the next highest grade in the combined ranks of their post, provided that the staff have passed the examinations referred to in Note (2).

4. The employees who will be appointed will work when required by the needs of the service and outside the usual hours of the Municipal Service, but the total working hours will not exceed the specified number of hours per week.

5. Depending on the employee's years of service and experience, he is expected to perform his duties to an increased degree of responsibility and may be given more responsible duties, including job control, guidance and training. junior staff.

6. Depending on the needs of the service, employees will receive special training and attend training courses related to their duties.

1. General Notes:

1.1 Based on the circular letter of the Ministry of Finance, dated 14/09/2011, the admission scales in the wider public sector for new entrants are reduced by 10%. Upon completion of 24 months of service in the basic salary, the employee will be placed in the initial step of the position scale, as it is mentioned in the relevant Service Plan. In this announcement the position scales are listed without the reduction of 10%. When filling the position, the above Circular will be applied.

1.2 To the above salary are added any general increases approved by law and indexation allowance, according to the percentage approved by the Government from time to time.

1.3 The employees who will be appointed after the date of approval of this Service Plan, will work when required by the needs of the service and outside the usual hours of the Municipal Service, but the total working hours will not exceed the specified number of hours per week. The publication of this position is made after the decision of the Council of Ministers and the subsequent written consent of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Budget, to exclude it from the provisions of the Prohibition on Filling Vacancies in the Public and Wider Public Sector (Special Sectors) Laws of 2013 until (No. 2) of 2017.

2. Written and oral examination:

2.1 According to the Providence of the Law for Evaluation of Candidates for appointment to the Public Service Law 6 (I) / 98 as amended, applicants will be summoned for a written examination at a date and place to be announced later and to be notified by personal letter. The same letter will include information on the topics and material of the written examination. Those who pass the written examination who meet the required qualifications and any other conditions of appointment will be summoned at a later time and to an oral examination before the Municipal Council. Those who meet the relevant legislative provisions for appointment to the Municipality and possess the qualifications of the service plan of the position for which the examination is conducted have the right to participate in the written examination.

2.2 The number of successful candidates who will be invited to an oral examination (interview) is three times the number of the four vacancies and based on their ranking.

2.3 "Successful in the written examination" means persons who take the written examination and obtain an overall score of at least 50% on average and in each of the subjects included in this examination at least 40%.

2.4 It should be noted that candidates who fail the written examination and / or those who do not possess the required qualifications and / or those who do not meet the conditions set out in this notice are excluded from the next stages of the procedure.

3. Conditions of Appointment: According to Regulation no. 19 of the Municipal Service Regulations of the Municipality of Ayia Napa no person is appointed to the Municipal Service unless:

3.1 He is a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus.

3.2 Reached the age of seventeen (17) years and has fulfilled his military obligations or has been legally released from them.

3.3 Possesses the qualifications specified in the Service Plan for the position in which the appointment is made.

3.4 He has not been convicted of a serious crime involving dishonesty or moral depravity.

3.5 His services have not been dismissed or terminated in the past by the Municipal Service or any Service of the Republic or in a Public Law Organization for a disciplinary misconduct.

3.6 Certified by a Medical Officer that from a health point of view he is suitable for the position in question after a medical examination that includes a chest x-ray.

4. Submission of Applications:

4.1 For application forms and more information on the subject, interested parties can contact the Ayia Napa City Hall, Secretariat Office, 2nd floor, 25 Agia Mavri Street, 5330 Ayia Napa and / or by phone 23816305 during working days and hours and at Website of the Municipality (link is external) in the VACANCIES. 706

4.2 Applicants upon payment of the application must pay a fee of € 50.00 including VAT. payable in cash at the Municipal Fund on the 1st floor of the Municipal Building of Ayia Napa. In the case of postal items, applications must be accompanied by a postal check in the name of the Municipality of Ayia Napa. Please note that the examination fee is non-refundable. Proof of payment must be attached to the application submitted. Applications that are not accompanied by proof of payment will not be accepted.

4.3 Applications must be delivered to the Municipal Offices - Secretariat, 2nd floor, 25 Agias Mavris Street, 5330 Ayia Napa, upon receipt or sent by Post by registered letter no later than August 7, 2020 at 14:00.

4.4 Applications must be accompanied by copies of the certificates of academic and other related qualifications provided in paragraph 3. Required Qualifications above for the positions mentioned. Applications that will not be accompanied by the required copies and necessary explanatory or overdue applications or incorrectly or incompletely completed, will not be considered.

4.5 It is not permitted to submit an application other than those specified in paragraph 4.3 above.

4.6 Applications must be completed in Greek, regardless of the nationality and / or mother tongue of the applicants.

4.7 In relation to the levels of knowledge of Greek and English, which are required in the required qualifications of the Service Plan, applicants must attach the items accepted by the Public Service Commission by the deadline for submission of applications. The originals will be presented for inspection upon request. A list of eligible applicants for the purposes of filling in this "Language Proof " item is available on the Civil Service Commission website ( (link is external) ).

4.8 Applicants who are covered by its provisions on the Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities in the Wider Public Sector (Special Provisions) of the Law of 2009 (Law 146 (I) / 09), are invited to state this in their application. At a later stage, applicants who have declared a disability in their application may be required to submit the original certificates of their treating physicians describing the type and status of their disability.

4.9 Applicants should keep in mind that by submitting their application they accept the processing of their personal data for the purpose of examining their application.

4.10 The correct completion of the application is the sole responsibility of the candidates.

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